Frequently Asked Questions by Home Sellers


Why should I stage? Your home is probably one of your largest investments. Staging is an investment  in your investment, and ensures that you get the highest offers in the shortest amount of time.  Home buyers are looking for their dream home and through staging we create what they are looking for. Home buyers will pay more for homes that are pristine, updated and move in ready. 


How does the pricing work?  We charge a one time fee for the staging, whether it is an empty house or we are using a combination of your furnishings and our own. This fee generally covers the first 65 days, which is usually enough time to get through contingency release.  After the initial 65 days there can be a monthly charge if the furnishings are still needed.


Why do you need to see the property in order to give us a price? In the initial assessment of the property we evaluate each room to determine key architecture features to highlight, identify furnishing and personal items to be removed, and evaluate the paint colors and overall condition of the house.


Who pays?  Generally, the seller pays for the staging.  In some cases, realtors have paid for some or all of the staging, depending on the agreed commission.


Are furnishings for sale?  Yes! It's not unusual for the buyers to want to purchase some of the staged furnishings.  


How long does it take? We are fast! The majority of our staging is completed in about two days. Large projects with painting, counter tops, and/or new fixtures are typically completed within two weeks. Your initial proposal will give the timeline for start date and photo ready date.


What hours do you work? Staging usually starts between 8:30 to 10:00 am, and we need open access during the staging days as it is a creative process. We are usually done at 5pm the second day. Services other than staging such as painting, repairs, etc. can start as early as 7am. We always work with the home owner to create a schedule that works for everyone.


When does the staging get removed?  We recommend that the staging stay in place until you have received full release of contingencies.  With the new laws in place the number of days between the contingency release and close of escrow has become short so it is important to keep us informed so we can properly schedule!


What if the house does not sell?   Transformed to Sell has staged thousands of homes, and we can count on one hand the sellers who have chosen to take their homes off the market. As per our contract, all charges are due immediately upon removal from MLS.  We do have the right to put a lien on the property if full payment is not received, however we have never had to do that!


Are you insured?  Yes, Transformed to Sell carries a $1M policy.


Do you take credit cards? Yes, except we do ask the payee to pay the 3% fee we are charged.


Do you use your own furniture? Yes!  We have a a 6,000sq.ft local warehouse with many wonderful furnishings for you!


Can you work with my furnishings?  Absolutely!  We do our best to keep your cost down by using as many of your current furnishings and complimenting them with pillows, art, etc. to get the look and feel that will have potential buyers wanting to live there!


Where do I store my personal furnishings that are not used? During the staging, we will move any furniture not selected for use into the garage. We are capable of moving it off site if needed, but most sellers use their garage.  Anything besides furniture that we will not be using is set aside in the house for the sellers to handle as they wish. Please discuss this with your realtor, as pre-staging is a great time to sort through your furnishings to determine which items will be moving with you to your new home. Depending on where you are moving many sellers use pods, which can be transported directly to your next home. Local storage facilities are also quite cost effective.