tori prince - ceo

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Founder and CEO of Transformed to Sell. Her career started as a child when she would decorate her tents on weekend camping trips and re-arrange furniture wherever she could get away with it. After selling a successful merchandising company in 1998, Tori traveled the world studying culture, architecture and color. Intuition told Tori she would be very good at “helping people get more money for their houses through presenting the houses in a model home style”. In 2001, Tori launched Real Appeal Staging and Design in San Francisco. Tori noticed that many realtors assisted sellers in preparing their homes for sale by calling plumbers, painters, floor installers, handymen, etc. Tori thought the realtors would far prefer to spend their time selling more houses. At that point, her company became “full service,” offering one stop shopping to realtors and their sellers.

In 2009, Tori moved to San Diego to be closer to her two sons and their families and a year later, launched Transformed to Sell. Her expertise in creating amazing results on a budget has caused stellar growth, and the company is on track to have another record year!

“Staging is a science…from how your eye travels around a room to how the vibes of a room affect one’s emotions. Our goal is for each person to want to linger… to take in the glory of the space they could purchase. For each potential buyer to feel that their new home would be exciting and a safe place to not only live, but to thrive.” - Tori Prince

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kris eddington - lead designer

Kris is the lead designer for Transformed to Sell. She grew up in Encinitas and earned her BA in Interior Design from Brigham Young University. During college she studied art history and architecture in countries throughout Europe, such as, France, Italy, Austria and Germany. Kris joined the company in 2011 when Transformed to Sell operated out of a three car garage! Her amazing aesthetic includes causal beach coastal with modern, clean, and simple lines. She loves staging because it is an instant dramatic transformation.

“People are constantly amazed at how quickly their homes can be changed into simplified, purposeful, and inviting spaces. We hear over and over how they wish they had made the changes years before so they could enjoy it! That is the biggest compliment for me and brings me such joy. I truly do love what I do and feel very blessed each day.” - Kris Eddington

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Stacey Hackett and Tambra Davis - Wood workers and Re-finishers

Stacey and Tambra are master wood refinishers. This team has done all the kitchen/bath cabinet refinishing for us. Their love of home design and decorating began young and the passion of Interior design, draperies, remodeling and artisan wood finishing became a lifelong passion. They have 15 years of experience with staging and design, as well as wood refinishing and repair. They have designed for Haus and Home, Legacy Home Furnishings and Thomasville Home Furnishing.