What Sellers are saying

"I was initially reluctant to use the services of a staging company. I thought, when you have a great property and it is a good market, why bother?  My place, pre-Tori, was nice, but it was tired.  My place, after-Tori, was transformed and looked amazing.  I believe that my place, pre-Tori, would not have received any bids. I believe that we would have been forced to reduce our list price, and keep it on the market. My best guess is that using Tori's services made me about $200k. I strongly recommend that you work with Tori."

-Alex and Eris Kushner

"It was great to work with Tori and the process was so simple.  I moved out all my possessions, handed over the keys, and went on vacation!

When I returned, I couldn't believe my eyes...the house had been TRANSFORMED!

The house looked so nice that I felt like I was still on vacation.  Staging is a huge reason why my house sold at a price beyond my expectations and why I received multiple offers.

I'm proud to recommend Tori's magical staging services!"

-Eileen Goss

"It seems foolish now that I even debated whether to spend money to "stage" this former rental property.  Every person that walked in was delighted with the impact of the decor and it was easy to see by the offers received that they valued the home more because of the vision the "staging" provided.

Her paint color choices must have hit the mark as many people who came through asked for the colors. The house looked twice as big compared to how it looked "pre-staging".  The new fixtures gave it that upscale feel!  Thank you!"

-Ernie and Sheri Alverez

What Realtors are saying